SIPCO Innovations welcomes new Director of Research and Development, Doug T.H. Chou.

February 2021/ BC, Canada /SIPCO Innovations / SIPCO Innovations adds Dr. Doug T.H. Chou to their team as the new Director of Research and Development. With this addition, SIPCO Innovations will continue their efforts to find sustainable solutions for a greener and healthier planet.

With over 20 years of experience within the research and development of pharmaceuticals and agriculture, Doug has extensive knowledge on creating products with the end user in mind. At SIPCO, he will be tasked with overseeing the development of environmentally friendly product solutions to improve plant health and resilience. 

“The consumer is a lot more knowledgeable these days, having access to information at the tap of a finger,” says Doug T.H. Chou. They are now interested to learn more about the ingredients and educate themselves on the toxic chemicals that are often applied to the food we eat or in the products we use. My goal was to get into an area where we can have safe and sustainable products for the end user. The two things that initially drew me to the company are Sipco’s core values and its innovative products, like HYSHIELD a natural non-toxic supplement that helps protect plants from pests and pathogens.

After completing a PhD in Organic Chemistry at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Doug received an offer to work with the National Research Council in Ottawa. Shortly after, he returned to the West Coast, researching and developing products for the pharmaceutical and agricultural marketplace. As an ISO-certified company, SIPCO upholds high standards in product quality and sees Doug’s experience working within product regulations to be an asset.

Sheila Oakes, CEO and President of SIPCO, shares her excitement. SIPCO has identified that there is great potential within the industry, and we are actively pushing the boundaries to offer more environmentally friendly options for our customers. Doug’s knowledge of chemistry and passion for the environment makes him an incredible asset to our team. He is a talented scientist, but more importantly, his expertise and insight will lead our R&D department in the development of greener and more sustainable options for the market.

SIPCO Innovations is a proud family-owned Canadian company, the manufacturer of a variety of natural and safe-to-use products for the marketplace.  SIPCO’s leading product Hygrozyme®, under the HYLINE product family, is a powerful blend of concentrated, beneficial enzymes and one of the best-selling horticultural enzyme formulas in the market.