Our Community

What we give

We are committed to giving back to the community where we live, work, and play. To fulfill this goal, not only is an annual budget allocated for charities that are aligned with SIPCO’s values, but our employees are also provided 2 working days per year to volunteer at a charity of their choice.

Holding true to our values, we form meaningful partnerships and relationships with each charitable organization’s team to achieve the most favourable outcome for all involved.

How we give

Members of our team are empowered to select charities for SIPCO to support. We set out criteria and compare them against measures including: financial responsibility, practicality/tangibility, and alignment to SIPCO’s values, mission, and identity.

Our goal is to form meaningful partnerships with charitable organizations both at the local and national levels.

As a result, our outreach program has formed partnerships with the below charitable organizations.

The Water Project

The Water Project is a non-profit organization which supports communities in sub-Saharan Africa by providing them with reliable water projects.

SIPCO has teamed up with The Water Project and have funded a rainwater tank at Bukhubalo Primary School in Kenya.

SIPCO has also been very proud to have had the opportunity to help Friends Kaimosi Demonstration Primary School in Kenya access clean water.

The Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre

We partnered with The Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre (DEWC) to help alleviate the financial stress of an underfunded Kitchen Program, which serves up to¬†15,000 meals to women in need per month.

In addition to these financial contributions, our team collects lightly used items throughout the year to donate to the women of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

Seva Canada

Founded in 1982, Seva Canada has the mission to restore sight and prevent blindness in developing countries. Through their partnerships, they work to build programs that promote locally managed eye care in communities that are in urgent need of those services.

SIPCO‘s partnership with Seva Canada has helped many people to receive the eye care they desperately need and deserve up to this date. 60 Women and 48 men had their eye sight restored to them through life-changing cataract surgery at two SIPCO-funded eye camps in Dhading district.

SIPCO has also pledged to fund the transportation and accommodation of the eye care team as well as patient costs, including the cost of cataract surgery, medicine and glasses.

The Kettle Society

For over 40 years, The Kettle Society has empowered people living with mental illness, substance abuse, poverty and/or homelessness and has transformed the lives of those most in need with life-saving services such as housing, employment and community services.

Here at SIPCO, we are fully committed to give back to the community we live in, and we understand the importance of supporting those most vulnerable in our society. That’s why we have pledged to donate monthly to The Kettle Society and its initiatives.

In addition to our financial contributions and as part of our philanthropic initiatives, SIPCO team has partnered with The Kettle Society in their outreach program in preparation of hygiene kits for those in need.