SIPCO Innovations Increases its Production Capacity by 5 times!

November 23, 2021/BC, Canada/ SIPCO Innovations Inc., the manufacturer best known for its signature brand, Hygrozyme Enzyme Formula, has announced the addition of a new filler line that will substantially increase its production capacity to meet the growing demand of the industry.

The Mass Flow Meter Filling Line, or the PF 01 SIPCO has baptized it consists of four main units (the PF 01 Filler, the PC 01 Capper, the PR 01 Labeler, and the PD 01 Coder), making this machine a fully automatic filling line which will increase the production capacity by five times.

“The main objective of the project was to increase our productivity, says Leanne Spalek, SIPCO Innovations Operations Coordinator. “Before we installed this line, we had a bottleneck in our production. Thanks to this new fully automated line, we can now up the production capacity significantly.

As the market becomes increasingly competitive, growers are being asked to bring their A-game in their cultivations, and they need support from product manufacturers. SIPCO Innovations products have proven themselves to increase both the quality and yield of many crops. Thanks to the new machine, SIPCO has also been able to expand their product pipeline, adding new products such as HYCLEAN and HYSHIELD to their growing brand, allowing even more growers to put their hands on SIPCO’s high-quality products.

About SIPCO Innovations

SIPCO Innovations is a proud family-owned Canadian company specialized in manufacturing innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for a greener planet. SIPCO’s leading product Hygrozyme® a powerful blend of concentrated, beneficial enzymes is one of the best-selling horticultural enzyme formulas in the market.

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