SIPCO Innovations Launches New Product Hygroben with Beneficial Microbes That Work Synergistically with Hygrozyme®

June 2023 / BC, Canada / SIPCO Innovations Inc. / SIPCO Innovations, the manufacturer of Hygrozyme®, is excited to announce the launch of its brand-new product, Hygroben, in the North American market. This new addition to their product family comes after months of research and development, ensuring the introduction of a superior product to the market in line with SIPCO Innovations™ ISO 9001 quality standards.

Hygroben is a microbial root inoculant composed of five different bacillus species that are shown to be physiologically compatible with each other and work together to enhance yield in a variety of crops. 

Hygrozyme® has been a renowned and trusted product since its launch in 2004. Its proprietary formula turns dead root matter into simple sugars, which are basically food for microorganisms. Growers have seen great benefits when adding beneficial microbes along with Hygrozyme® to their mix, says Doug Chou, Director of R&D at SIPCO Innovations. Hygroben has been specifically developed to work synergistically with Hygrozyme®, and the results speak for themselves.

Initial third-party laboratory testing shows that growing with Hygrozyme® and Hygroben together can increase the grower’s yields by an impressive total of up to 30%, as well as increasing total cannabinoid and terpene content by up to 20% each.

With this addition, SIPCO Innovations expands its line of environmentally friendly products for the horticulture and agriculture industries to meet the current needs of growers. The entire product family, including Hygrozyme Original, Hygrozyme Concentrate, Hyshield, Hyclean, and Hygroben, are manufactured in a modern manufacturing facility whose quality management system is certified ISO 9001, which ensures the formulations consistently comply with the highest quality standards. 

About SIPCO Innovations

SIPCO Innovations is a proud family-owned Canadian company established in 1974 that specializes in manufacturing innovative and ecological solutions for a greener planet to help growers reach the maximum potential of their plants. SIPCO’s leading product, Hygrozyme®, a powerful blend of concentrated, beneficial enzymes, is the best-selling horticultural enzyme formula on the market. 

Hygroben is now available in the US; reach out to your nearest hydroponic supply store or distributor for more details. For inquiries, please email us at